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West Indies
Documenting fieldwork carried out in West Indies in 2015.

Documenting fieldwork carried out in Kamchatka in 2013.

An introduction to various research projects being conducted in the Ethiopian Rift Valley.

A short film exploring ERC-funded research being carried out on the volcanic island of Salina.

University of Bristol School of Earth Sciences: Academic highlights (Video credit: Yoho Media)
Jon Blundy discusses the novel methods used in his research, including analytical techniques, high temperature experimental apparata and field observations.

BBC Two’s Volcano Live: Episode 3 (originally broadcast on 11th July 2012)
Featuring Jon Blundy and co-workers collecting plutonic xenoliths from the Caribbean island of Dominica.
Video automatically starts at 50:19

Replay the post-show webchat with Jon Blundy


Timelapse videos of lava flows on Tolbachik volcano, Kamchatka, Russia
All footage taken by Lucy Porritt.