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Paul Jarvis

PhD student

Mr Paul Jarvis

Mr Paul Jarvis

University of Bristol
Email: pj12520(at)
Telephone: +44 (0) 117 3315196

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Research interests

PhD title: “Magma mixing and Mingling: The capture of crystals”

Many volcanic and plutonic rocks contain textures produced by the mixing and mingling of magmas of different compositions. One such texture is the appearance of mafic enclaves; blobs of silica poor rock within a more silicic host rock. Often these enclaves contain crystals captured from the host rock called xenocrysts. I research the physical processes involved in the formation of mafic enclaves and the mechanisms of crystal capture.

Using a combination of analogue experiments and numerical modelling I investigate the fundamental physical problem of a particle interacting with a fluid-fluid interface. Of interest is how the timescale of transfer and the volume of entrained fluid depend on the physical properties of the system (viscosities, densities, interfacial tension, size). These relationships can then be scaled to formulate hypotheses for magmatic systems which are tested through petrological study of rock samples.