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Mikel Diez

Research associate

Mikel Diez

Dr Mikel Diez

University of Bristol
Email: mikel.diez(at)
Telephone: +44 (0) 117 3315181

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Research interests

My research concerns the mechanisms that govern the large scale transport of magma through the asthenosphere and lithosphere. I am also interested on melt segregation processes at smaller scales induced by deformation fields.

In general, my aim is to link magmatic processes and plate tectonics by combining continuum mechanical theoretical and numerical models with geological and geophysical observations. The long term goal is to put forward explanatory hypothesis of how tectonics couples with magma and melt dynamics to build intrusions in the crust or feed volcanic eruptions at the surface.

My field studies involve places such as the Colorado Plateau, Utah, Nicaragua, the Lesser Antilles and the Bolivian Andes.