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Jon Blundy

Project leader

Professor Jon Blundy

Professor Jon Blundy

University of Bristol
Email: jon.blundy(at)
Telephone: +44 (0)117 954 5447

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Research interests

My research concerns the generation, movement and evolution of magma within the Earth. I use a combination of igneous petrology, high temperature and pressure experimental geochemistry, thermodynamics and field geology to address the fundamental problem of how volcanoes work.

Of particular interest are processes associated with magmatism at destructive plate boundaries (subduction zones), which host many of the world’s most explosive volcanoes. I am currently involved in research projects at several active volcanoes in the USA (Mount St. Helens), Lesser Antilles, Mexico (Volcán Colima and Nevado de Toluca) and the Afar region of Ethiopia, an area of active continental rifting.