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Helena Moretti

PhD student

Mrs Helena Moretti

Mrs Helena Moretti

University of Bristol
Email: hm12523(at)
Telephone: +44 (0) 117 954 5695

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Research interests

PhD title: Silicic magma entering a less evolved magma chamber: Salina (Supervisors: Jo Gottmann and Jon Blundy)

The volcanic island of Salina sits centrally within the Aeolian subduction arc. Recent dating has suggested the island has been active from 250ka to 13ka with a broadly calc-alkaline to calcic magmatic trend. The final eruption sequence, the Pollara eruptions have a more calcic nature and flat iron-enrichment bulk chemistry compared withthe rest of the island.

Using bulk chemistry and the investigation of thin sections using the FEG microprobe at the University of Bristol, evidence has been found to suggest the changes in bulk chemistry are driven by contamination by a shallow (2.6-2.8kbar) calcium carbonate layer within the basement rocks. Skarn lithologies rich in magnetite, diopside, anorthite, grossular garnet and aluminium pyroxene (Fassaite) have removed iron and aluminium from the invading magma.