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Catherine Annen

Research fellow

Dr Catherine Annen

Dr Catherine Annen

University of Bristol

Email: catherine.annen(at)
Telephone: +44 (0) 117 954 5426

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Research interests

I use numerical simulation and heat transfer computation to explore magmatic processes. I quantitatively study the genesis of differentiated melts in deep hot zones, the relationship between pluton emplacement and growth of large magma chambers, and the development of thermal aureoles around plutons.

I have applied my models to the study of the Manaslu leucogranites (Nepal), the Snake River Plain rhyolites (USA), and Mount Pelée and Soufrière Hills magma chamber (Lesser Antilles).

I am currently focusing on how large volumes of magma are emplaced in the crust using data from the field and modeling. I am also interested in forward modeling the geophysical signals related to magma intrusion.