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St Vincent

Summit of Soufriere St Vincent, Lesser Antilles,

View of lava dome in the summit caldera of Soufriere St Vincent, Lesser Antilles. Credit: Richard Arculus

Local name: Soufriere St Vincent
Largest recorded eruption: VEI 4 in 1902 and 1812
Last eruption: 1979

Soufriere St Vincent is an active arc volcano located at the southern end of the Lesser Antilles arc. The youngest of several volcanic centres on the island of St Vincent, Soufriere has five historic VEI < 4 events; the most recent eruption occurred in 1979 when the crater lake was ejected. Current activity is limited to degassing associated with a lava dome in the caldera.  The island is noted for producing both coarse-grained igneous xenoliths and high Mg basalts.

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