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Mt Pelee, Martinique

Mt Pelee, Martinique

Local name: Mt Pelée
Largest recorded eruption:  VEI 4 in 1902
Last eruption: 1929

Mt Pelée, located on the island of Martinique, is the most active volcano in the Lesser Antilles and has experienced at least 20 major eruptions in the last 5,000 years. The currently active edifice lies to the north-west of two older volcanic centres (Morne Jacob, Pitons du Carbet) and atop another (Piton Mt. Conil); its eruptions in the since 400 ka (400,000 years) have been characterised by dome collapse events. The most infamous eruption of Mt Pelée occurred in 1902 when 30,000 people were killed by pyroclastic flows during the destruction of the town of St Pierre. At the present day, the l’Etang Sec summit crater is filled by two lava domes emplaced by its two 20th century eruptions.

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