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La Soufriere, Guadeloupe

La Soufriere, Guadeloupe

Local name(s): La Soufrière / La Grand Soufrière
Largest recorded eruption: Two VEI 4 at ~ 1,400 years ago
Last eruption: 1976 – 1977

La Soufrière volcano is located on the island of Basse-Terre (the western half of Guadeloupe). The present volcano is the only active centre on the island and has grown in the crater left by the construction and destruction of three volcanoes in the previous 0.2 million years (Grand Découverte, Carmichaël and Amic). La Soufrière is an andesitic volcano whose past activity is characterised by Pelean and Plinian eruptions, and it has erupted on at least 7 occasions over the last 400 years. A major volcano-seismic crisis during 1976 – 1977 culminated only in a minor phreatic eruption, but prolonged evacuation of the population resulted in severe economic losses.

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