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Grand Etang maar, Grenada

Grand Etang maar, Grenada

Local name(s): Mt St Catherine; Mt Granby/Fedon’s Camp; Mt Maitland; South East Mountain; Northern Domes
Largest recorded eruption:
Last eruption: ~ 1000 years ago

Grenada is the southernmost island of the Lesser Antilles arc and comprises five separate volcanic craters. The majority of volcanic activity on Grenada occurred between ~ 18 and 0.1 Ma, with no historic record of eruptions. The island is renowned for producing the most primitive magmas of the entire arc and erupting mantle-derived peridotite xenoliths. Lavas on Grenada are split into two petrologically, geochemically and isotopically distinct groups: the high Mg ‘M-series’ and the high Ca ‘C-series’, the latter being unique in the Lesser Antilles.

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