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Morne aux Diables, Dominica

Morne aux Diables, Dominica

Local name(s): Morne aux Diables; Morne Diablotins; Morne Plat Pays; Morne Trois Pitons; Morne Watt; Wotten Waven Caldera; Valley of Desolation; Grande Soufriere Hills
Largest recorded eruption: VEI 6 ~ 30,000 years ago (Morne Diablotins)
Last eruption: 1997 (Morne Watt)

Dominica is situated in the central Lesser Antilles and it is a hub of volcanic activity within the arc. The island comprises a continuous chain of nine volcanic centres, most of which have erupted within the last 10,000 years. These volcanoes have produced the most explosive and powerful eruptions in the Lesser Antilles. In the north, both Morne aux Diables and Morne Diablotin are currently displaying fumerolic activity1.  The centre of the island is home to the Valley of Desolation, a complex a complex comprising Morne Trois Pitons (home to the famous ‘Boiling Lake’) and Morne Micotrin. Phreatic explosions were recorded here in 1863 and 1997. The Plat Pays volcanic complex (PPVC) is situated at the southern end of the island and contains two recent lava domes, Morne Crabier and Morne Patate (~ 490 years old), and an active fumarolic field.

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