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Monte dei Porri, Salina, Italy

Local name(s): Salina, Pollara
Largest recorded eruption:
Last eruption:
~13,000 years ago

Salina sits centrally within the Aeolian subduction arc. The island comprises six volcanic centres of varying age (Pizzo Capo, Monte Rivi, Monte Fossa delle Felci, Monte dei Porri, Monte dei Porri, Pollara), the most recent preserved as the Pollara volcanic crater. Deposits from this ~ 13,000 year old eruption mark the end of 430,000 years of active volcanism. In general, the position of vents are observed to move east–west with time, and eruptive products display a progressive transition from calc-alkaline basalts to rhyolites. Current research is assessing whether geochemical evidence from the island’s volcanics supports a theory of slab roll back and steepening within the Aeolian arc.