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Dabbahu, Ethopia

Dabbahu, Ethopia

Local name: Dabbahu / Boina / Boyna / Moina
Largest recorded eruption:
VEI 3 in 2005
Last eruption:

Dabbahu volcano is situated in a remote area of northern Ethiopia. It lies at the northern end of a rift segment in the Afar region and dates from the Quaternary. Older eruptions have produced mildly alkaline basalts, whilst more recent lavas have a peralkaline rhyolitic composition. The first historical eruption of Dabbahu took place in September 2005 and the resulting ashfall leading to the evacuation of 6,000 people from the surrounding area. The potential for further eruptive activity is evidenced by the presence of fumaroles, elevated seismicity and satellite observations of inflation and deflation centred beneath the crater .

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