Why do we study volcanoes? Prof Jon Blundy explains

An ERC Advanced Grant at the University of Bristol

Critical Behaviour in Magmatic Systems

Linking experimental and observational petrology to understand magmatic behaviour beneath hazardous volcanoes
Colima, Mexico

Colima, Mexico

CRITMAG (Critical Behaviour in Magmatic Systems) is the name of a European Research Council (ERC) funded Advanced Grant, hosted by Prof Jon Blundy at the University of Bristol, UK. The project aim is to quantify the causes of the periodicity of volcanic eruptions by studying many of the world’s active volcanoes and plutonic analogues.

Here, you can find out more about published research, the people and facilities funded by CRITMAG. This website also hosts photo galleries of field areas, videos and freely-downloadable geochemical spreadsheets.

Map showing field areas studied as part of CRITMAG (volcanoes in yellow; plutons in green)

Header image shows summit crater and lava dome at Soufriere St Vincent (image credit: R. J. Arculus).